Waxahachie Walk

Former First National Bank building circa 1910.

Built in 1891 by the Texas Mortgage Banking Company.
Odd Fellows purchased building in 1911..

Painted during 2018 Texas Country Reporter Festival.

Former U.S. Post Office, bought by Waxahachie in 1974 to make into City Hall.

1931 Viaduct is scheduled to be replaced by a new 4 lane bridge.

'Hachie Hearts' art project. One of ten waiting to be painted.

MKT Depot circa 1895, now a boutique.

Former Rogers Street Bridge circa 1889 is now for pedestrians only.

Illinois Central Railroad caboose moved to Waxahachie, Texas depot 2011.
Painted into a MKT paint scheme with no number in 2014.

Old freight depot.

Mural painted during 2017 Texas Country Reporter Festival.

Mosaic art on the side of McGuire Law Offices.

New Ellis County Courthouse completed in 2010.

1894 Beall House

1890 McDade House.

1890 Griffin House

1895 Fears House

6-foot tall kaleidoscope on the corner of Main and College Streets.
Mansfield artists Eddie and Mary Elizabeth Phillips created the kaleidoscope.

1895 Romanesque style building of sandstone and red brick.

1883 Thompson House

Sims Public Library circa 1905.

1904 Mahoney House

1900 Chaska House

1889 home at 808 W. Main

1892 Hines Home

1895 Campbell House

We turned around and returned to the old courthouse where we parked.