Sherman Volksmarch

Our event started here.
Originally two structures built before 1885,
they were added to and connected visually and
physically over the years, culminating in a
bold Art Deco design in 1936.

Debra working the start table.

1901 Building used to be a laundry.
“The Boiler Room”, an art-filled coffee house
now occupies the west end of the building.

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Bandstand in Kidd-Key Park

"Class of 1898" on the bottom
of the statue in Kidd-Key Park.

"Minerva" is listed on the Smithsonian Art Inventory site.
The statue is badly in need of restoration.
Exploring Kidd-Key Park which is the grounds
of an old Female College.

First United Methodist Church.

Kidd-Key Auditorium circa 1938 is home
to the Sherman Symphony Orchestra.

“3 Roads to Success” is an abstract sculpture
created by George Tobolowsky located in front
of the auditorium.

Sherman City Hall

An odd-shaped building sitting vacant.

1897 Victorian home with a wraparound
porch and a tower.

Former school built in 1913 awaits a new purpose.

Statue of Liberty mural on the side
of an income tax company.

“Bookworm” another large metal sculpture
by artist George Tobolowsky. It is located
in front of the Sherman Public Library.

Paul Brown United States Courthouse built in 1906.

Mural on the side of a restaurant.

Old Iron Post is a Restaurant/Pub
with live music on Saturday night.

My hip was hurting so when the walk route turned left,
I continued straight ahead to the finish.

Cattle Drive mural on the side of Knight Furniture
not on the official walk route.

Grayson County Courthouse.

Waiting at the finish for walkers to finish.

After Carol and Ed finished the walk, we drove over to see these two. They were on the walk route.

Old Carnegie Library is now a museum.

WPA murals of the three muses are from 1934 and are displayed in the museum.