Karnes City YRE Event
Karnes County




Karnes City is the Karnes County Seat. Established in 1890, it was named in honor of Henry W. Karnes (1812-1840), Texas Ranger hero. We parked on the Courthouse Square to begin the walk. When the courthouse was built in 1895, it had a clock tower. It was removed in 1924 along with other remodeling. In 2016 restoration began to reverse the 1924 changes. The restored courthouse was re-dedicated on 4/7/2018.

1936 Centennial Marker for Karnes County.

Howitzer (no plaque)

Hitching rings in the courthouse retaining wall.

Texas Star Memorial Garden, dedicated to Karnes County Women.
Close up of one of the courthouse towers.
Veteran’s Memorial Garden.

Karnes County Courthouse restored to its 1894 beauty.

Local radio station

Century plant about to bloom. The name “century plant” comes from the fact that the slow-growing plant takes years — although not 100 — to flower. When it does bloom it has yellow flowers.

WPA marker on a school building we passed. I'm thrilled when I find one of these markers.

Pretty pink house hiding behind some really big trees.

Purple Sage.

Presbyterian Church, circa 1901

Former Methodist Church.

Art Deco City Hall and Auditorium,
erected by the WPA in 1941.

Art Deco office building.

Baptist Church.

One of a pair of lions guarding a home.

Pride of Barbados

St. Cornelius Catholic Church