Grapevine Event

On our way to the walk start we passed the Grapevine Calaboose built in 1910 and moved to this location.

Cute scarecrows for sale in a store we passed.

Pegasus adorns the roof of the building we were seeking.

Our walk start volunteers posed for me in front of the racks of wine.

This former Gulf Station was built in 1929. It is on the NRHP.
"Sunday Skaters" - sculpture of three children and their dog.

Lovely horse drawn hearse from 1900 on display in front of J.E. Foust & Son Funeral Home.
Chuck Wagon mural on the side of Tolbert's Restaurant.

Lovely building erected in 1900.
Halloween Spider?

Small gazebo in the city park.
Mural of a 4th of July parade from back in the “Good Old Days”.

Home of the Grapevine Sun newspaper from 1947 to 2009. Listed on the NRHP.
Lancaster Theater is (I believe) actually a wedding venue.

Art Deco style Palace Theater from 1940. On the NRHP.
Ed tried to copy the statue.

Liberty Park Fountain
Torian family members occupied this cabin of hand-hewn logs until the 1940s. It was moved here in 1978.

Peek inside the cabin.
Clocks and statue adorn the Grapevine City Hall.

A popular Grapevine Mayor, Benjamin Richard Wall (1876-1955). His likeness was sculpted in bronze by Archie St. Clair and dedicated on May 15, 2004.
We found this Indian right inside the front door of Ole Grapevine Cigar & Tobacco Shop.

Bear eating wild Mustang Grapes (what Grapevine was named after) in a highway divide.
Old gas pump from back in the day when you only bought a few gallons at a time.

A reptile lurking in the Botanical Gardens.
Bronze children at play in the garden.

Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park sign as we leave the garden to continue the walk.
A cute pony under a carport.

Family home at the Nash Homestead.
Covered wagon at the Nash Homestead.

Horse drawn road grader on display at the Nash Homestead.
Only marker in the family cemetery at the Nash Homestead.

1913 Baldwin Locomotive on display as part of the Grapevine Vintage Railroad Museum.
A railroad turntable built in 1927. It was renovated and moved here.

RR Tower 16 from Sherman, TX is on display at the Grapevine Heritage Center.
The Cotton Belt Depot serves as both a historical museum and the departure point for the Grapevine Vintage Railroad.

Is the soldier returning home or about to depart? Statue in front of the old train depot.
Very nice war memorial arch in front of the depot.

Old caboose on display near the depot.
Cotton Belt windmill and water tower.

A two story section foreman’s house at Grapevine Heritage Center.
A large spider sculpture.

Queen Ann style house built in 1896 by Dr. Benton Dorris.
Just a house I liked the looks of.