George West YRE Event
Live Oak County




The town was founded in 1913 by George Washington West, rancher and civic leader, who secured railroad route through Live Oak County and provided several municipal buildings and plots for others. It became the county seat in 1919. It sits at the crossroads of US-281 and US-59. You would think there would be lots of historic homes here…

We parked in front of the Chisholm Trail marker to start our walk.

Had to visit Geronimo, a longhorn steer that led cattle drives, before heading out.

Ed reading the plaque on Geronimo's home (display case).

Across the street from the courthouse is a vintage movie theater from 1946.
The Live Oak County Courthouse designed by architecture Alfred Giles in 1919.
War Memorial

Artwork on a vintage gas station.

George West High School

Iteresting buildings on the hill.

View of same buildings as we passed by.

No historic homes in the residential district.

Another home.

High School Gymnasium

Beautiful Junior High.