Floresville YRE

The walk starts the Wilson County Courthouse.
We parked in front of the 1936 County Marker

Wilson County Courthouse
Architect – Alfred Gilesa
Built in 1884.

Lady Justice atop the Wilson County Courthouse.

Across the street is a vintage movie theater still
showing movies. It was built in 1911 as a dry goods
store and turned into a movie theatre in 1928.

Peanut Memorial celebrating a major crop in this area.
The peanut was taking its morning shower.

County jail 1887-1974. Now a museum.

First Baptist Church.

United Methodist Church

Former School is now a County Courthouse Annex.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Sacred Heart Catholic School

El Mesias United Methodist Church

Ed passing the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Depot.

Tracks removed from the railroad right-of-way
making a nice hiking trail.

Nice gravel trail.

Another view of the trail.

Crinum Lilies along the trail.

Back on street we passed this house
which is undergoing restoration.

Same house, tower view.

Old gas station is now a lovely candy store.

Veterans Memorial Park.

American Legion post. I didn’t even notice
the sculpture until I was working with the pictures.

Bees were busy working in the cactus blossoms.

A newer house with a corner tower.

Nice porch.